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CW (Continues Wave) Oldest form of Electronic Wireless Communication.

Morse Code.

The First Digital Mode.

CW will get the message through when all the rest fail!

Real Hams Know Code.


Free counters!


The Final Courtesy of a QSO is to QSL!

A QSO is not complete until you QSL! We only use QSL CARDS! NO e-QSL's!

Our Hobby is Amateur RADIO not amateur computer.

We will not issue or acknowledge any e-card requests. Real Ham's QSL 100% without SASE.

We have members who are just getting started in the great hobby of Amateur (HAM) Radio who are looking forward to filling there walls with QSL cards, Just as most of us did when we first started out in Ham Radio. If Postage is a problem maybe you should find a new hobby. Until just the last few years HAMS QSL'ed 100% and never said a word about postage. It is time to pass on the same courtesy we received form the old timers when we were the neophytes starting out

Remember when you were not an old timer. How it made you feel when you received a QSL card. Not some excuse for why it had not been sent.

QSL address:

Ellicott Amateur Radio Club KD谻PA

P.O. Box 82

Ellicott, Colorado 80808-0082


QSL cards start out at about 10 cents each at this site. A whole lot less than your rig.

Be an Elmer not a LID!

If you are not qualified to be an Elmer you might want to find an Elmer who can teach you what you missed out on by not going to CW classes and learning from the old timers that were teaching more than just CW.


Become a KNOW CODER and join in on the fun.

Anyone can be a NO CODER.


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