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AM is a legal mode in the phone bands. As well as being around allot longer.

Check the Band plans for the AM Calling Frequencies

If the frequency is not in use, Call CQ.


10M ~ AM ~ 29.000 - 29.200

20M ~ AM ~ 14.286, Calling Frequency

40M ~ AM ~ 7.160 , 7.290, Calling Frequency's

80M ~ AM ~ 3.885, Calling Frequency, AM Operation 3.870 to 3.890

West Coast AM International Net. Wednesday Nights 9:00PM Pacific Time, 3.870

160M ~ AM ~ 1.880 - 1.995


We are looking at starting a 20 Meter AM net.

If you are interested please e-mail a short message to kd0cpa@outlook.com.

If we find there is an interest we will list a startup date and time.

It would be a great way to help in obtaining a WAS 20 Meter AM Phone.


Voice Transmission Frequency 7.290 MHz. Beginning in January 2017,

the voice mode used for W1AW's 40 meter voice bulletins will be

full-carrier,double-sideband AM.


If you know of AM Nets please send information to kd0cpa@outlook.com TNX es 73


If you have never run this mode and have the ability, join in on the fun.


Click on link above!

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