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ITU Recommended Phonetics.

Please use standardized phonetics at all times.

Note: Only use customized phonetics after the correct

meaning has been understood by the receiving station!

L - Lima (LEE MAH or LID OPERATOR. Which is correct?

A - Alfa (AL FAH) N - November (N0 VEM BER)
B - Bravo (BRAH VOH) O - Oscar (OSS CAH)

C - Charlie (CHAR LEE)

P - Papa (PAH PAH)
D - Delta (DELL TAH) Q - Quebec (KEH BECK)
 E - Echo (ECK OH) R - Romeo (ROW ME OH)
F - Foxtrot (FOKS TROT) S - Sierra (SEE AIR RAH)
G - Golf (Golf) T - Tango (TANG GO)
H - Hotel (HOH TELL) U - Uniform (YOU NEE FORM)

 I - India (IN DEE AH)

V - Victor (VIK TAH)

J - Juliet (JEW LEE ETT) W - Whiskey (WISS KEY)
K - Kilo (KEY LOH) X - X-ray (ECKS RAY)
L - Lima (LEE MAH) Y - Yankee (YANG KEY)
M - Mike (MIKE) Z - Zulu (ZOO LOO)

Boldfaced syllables are emphasized.

Pronunciations were designed for all international languages.


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