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Greatest United States of America Amateur Radio License ever earned.

What Two Major Difference Do Novice and Advance Have In Common?

One, the Only License Classes That 100% Have A CW Endorsement!

Two, 100% Have Been KNOW CODERS from Their Beginning!

Now How Many Hams want it known they Started out as a NOVICE!

Even if you did your tests in one day and left:

5 wpm NOVICE,

5 wpm Technician,

13 wpm General,

13 wpm Advanced,

 20 wpm Extra.

When you say NOVICE you are saying I KNOW CODE! Do you?

Ellicott Amateur Radio Club, KD谻PA 10x10 #75385.

If we hear a Novice Station on 10m needing a  10x10 contact it moves to the top of the list to be the next contact, add Novice after your call.

Novices are restricted to 200 W below 28.5 MHz.

10 Meter HAM Band Information For The Novice Class HAM.

An introduction to the 10 Meter Ham Band

Includes a few helpful websites for the Novice 10 Meter Ham Radio Operator!


A message from the President. (Also one of the founding members of, EAR, Ellicott Amateur Radio Club, KD谻PA. David Kline, KF豃Y (ex. KB8CPC.). To all Novices and those who started out as a Novice. If you are still a Novice, Please get on the air if you are not active and use your license you earned, keep it renewed. DO NOT let others put you down because you are a Novice. First YOU ARE AN AMATEUR RADIO OPERATOR (That is all any other class is also, nothing more.). YOU ARE A KNOW CODER. Ask if they are, If the answer is NO let them know what they are missing by not being a complete Ham by not knowing CODE, CW. NOVICES KNOW THE FIRST DIGITAL MODE, ANOTHER LANGUAGE, ONE THAT HAS A BETTER CHANCE OF GETTING THROUGH WHEN ALL OTHER MODES HAVE FAILED!


I was first licensed in 1987 as a Novice class operator at the beginning of the peak of an 11 year solar cycle. I was lucky enough to have just taken my Novice test, yes including 5 wpm CW, and was awaiting the arrival of my new license. This was the week before the Dayton Hamvention. At the time I was living south of Dayton in Hamilton Ohio. There was only one thing to do. My Dad was in Spencer, Indiana, Get the OM and go to the Dayton Hamvention. It was the first time either of us had got to go to the Dayton Hamvention.


Before the weekend was over I had bought an HF Rig, a Kenwood TS-530S from NK8T, and Dad bought his first 2 meter Handheld a Kenwood TR-2500, Speaker Mic and a Hustler mag mount antenna. (Note: My Kenwood is still on the air to day with my many others. I have acquired every accessory that went with the TS-530S, it fills a table top. Over the years I have worked the original owner with it more than once. I believe the last time was on OMISS 40m operating portable 7 WY around 2007.) This was a change for him as well. Until then when ask what kind of microphone he used his answer was, Straight Key. Weeks passed and finely the license came in the mail. In those days you had to wait until your license arrived by snail mail before you had a call sign or could operate. No looking it up on the internet. I now had the privilege of being able to operate on the HF bands. We Novices had just received our new privileges to operate Phone on the 10 meter ham band as well as on the 1.25 meter band, (220). Using phone (voice) and being able to talk around the world on HF was overwhelming. I had waited for my Amateur Radio License to arrive and now I had it!

My first Ham Radio contact was on the 10 meter HF Phone band using the Kenwood TS-530S a 102" long 11m whip (Donated to me by my next door neighbor) attached to a section of TV mast placing it at roof line with the metal roof of the house for the ground plane making the tip about 30 ft. above ground.

Some of the best times and QSO's I have had have been on the Novice HF bands. To this day I still favor CW. I prefer slow CW and I very much miss the Novices. I do not call CQ very often on CW as when I do at a slow speed all I get is some LID trying to impress me with their speed instead of answering my slow CQ at the same speed as sent. I would very much like to hear our Novices back on the air enjoying their licenses instead of just letting them lapse. And to those who think they are only Novices just remember to be a Novice means you Know Code the first digital mode. This means you carry a license with an endorsement above our current No Code Extra抯. I kept my 2X3 Novice call when I upgraded to Technician and General. I changed my call to a 2X2 when I returned to my home state of Colorado and upgraded to Advanced. At times I feel this was a mistake I found that the good times with the Novice operators fell off rapidly with the new call. I know as a Novice it seemed that all other class operators wanted to talk about was upgrading or try to talk over my head to make themselves out to be better than me. This attitude is not impressive nor is it acceptable operating practice. No matter what class license you hold when you are on the Amateur Radio Bands you are still only an Amateur Radio Operator just like everyone else.
It is time we remember that Novice Class Operators are and always will be Amateur Radio Operators. And they have passed a 5 wpm CW test. Have you?

Being a Ham since 1987, I can still feel the excitement that I had then and you can have now. Just be patient if you have not been active for a while it will all come back faster than you think.  Have a great time like so many others have. Like I enjoyed when I held the best ticket ever, NOVICE.

Have a Great time on 10 meters and don't let your interest in ham radio die!
You do not need to upgrade. You are an Amateur Radio Operator. If you want to upgrade then by all means do so. You can and will do it! After all you are a Know Coder!

I would also like to add that I have been involved in HAM radio all my life as my Dad, Bill W9GWD (ex K豂ID, K5PNE) taught me to solder at the age of 6 and I started helping him build Heathkits, Knightkits and many home brew items as well. But I just never had the desire to obtain an operator抯 license for myself. I was living in Ohio and I got the urge to be able to communicate with my dad on HAM radio. Thanks to the, Butler County VHF Association, W8CCI, located in Hamilton, Ohio, that was made up of Ham抯 who were interested in teaching (Elmer's) new comers. I was on my way. (Special Thanks to Tim Johnson, KA8DZU, CW Instructor, and Ted Wilson, K8TCR, Theory instructor),

Hope to work you on 10 Meter Phone or CW on 10, 15, 40 or 80m.

Dave, KF豃Y 10x10 # 49814, QCWA # , OMISS # 5698, (Advanced 1990, /Novice at heart) (ex KB8CPC Novice 1987, Technician 1988, General 1988). I took my Extra Written and passed but I did not get my 2 wpm CW. I have passed all requirements to be an Extra by today's standards. But sense I did not pass 20 wpm CW to upgrade to Extra. I do not feel it is right to all those who earned there Extra to slide in without earning it as so many have. I DO NOT AGREE WITH THE NO CODE LICENSEES. HAM RADIO IS BECOMING A GLORIFIED CB LICENSE WITH OUT THE CW CODE REQUIREMENT! I was working to get my NOVICE with CW CODE 40 years ago. I think I have the right to make this statement. IF YOU DO NOT NO CW CODE YOU DO NOT KNOW DIT (or 3 dits, 4 dits, 2 dits, Dah, only a Know Coder knows what this translate to.)! FYI my XYL is a NO CODER, Guess What I required of her to learn before she got her Technician License? Code, CW is also a requirement of EAR to hold an office. My XYL is the elected club Secretary. Three other members (I was not invited to be a part of the testing team) gave her a CW Test to hold office.

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